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If Found Spot in Pink

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This Call Spot is preset with the phone number of the person you would like to be called by a good Samaritan for one of your Lost and Found items.

These are ideal to stick on laptops, iPads, phones, luggage, or any other valuable item or prized possesion.

Benefits of a Call Spot Sticker

An up-close-and-personal look at Call Spots’ finest features.

  • Slim & Sleek

    Call Spots are compact, stylish, and unobtrusive, but large enough to be visible.

  • Ease of Use

    Call Spots are easily scanned by almost every modern cell phone and work similar to Tap and Pay functionality.

  • Feeling of Security

    Call Spots can provide a spot of comfort knowing that your loved ones and valuables are just an instant scan and call away.

  • Low-Cost Protection

    Call Spots are a low-cost investment with a potentially high return.