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 Answers to frequently asked questions.

1.  How do Call Spots work?

Hold your compatible phone over the Call Spot in very close proximity for up to 5 seconds to activate the tag which transmits the programmed phone number to your mobile phone.  Since all compatible phones have different antenna locations and intermittent readers, you may have to try in multiple areas on your phone to get the spot to read.  Then press the number and dial.  You can also hold the number and save as a Contact.

2.  Which devices support reading Call Spots?

Currently, all iPhones starting from iPhone XS and above are equipped with the ability to read the Call Spots without needing to download an app.  iPhone 6 and above can read the Call Spots using an app or via the Control Center.

All the most recent Android smartphones can scan Call Spots without an app.  There are some models pre-2019 that do not support reading Call Spots.

3.  How long do the Call Spots last?

Call Spots can be read up to 100,000 times with a shelf life of 10 years