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Parent Contact in Pink Tie Dye

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This Call Spot is preset with the phone number of the Parent of a child or teenager to be called in case of an emergency, question regarding the child, or simply as an easy way for others to get in touch.
These are ideal to stick on the back of your child's phone or other personal article such as a backpack, sports bag, or medical item, and can provide you piece of mind knowing that someone can always get in touch.

Benefits of a Call Spot Sticker

An up-close-and-personal look at Call Spots’ finest features.

  • Slim & Sleek

    Call Spots are compact, stylish, and unobtrusive, but large enough to be visible.

  • Ease of Use

    Call Spots are easily scanned by almost every modern cell phone and work similar to Tap and Pay functionality.

  • Feeling of Security

    Call Spots can provide a spot of comfort knowing that your loved ones and valuables are just an instant scan and call away.

  • Low-Cost Protection

    Call Spots are a low-cost investment with a potentially high return.